Drupal Dries at Doggetts

Last week I went along to my first London Drupal pub meet (despite using Drupal well over a year now), which happened to take place at a pub on the Thames (Doggetts) that I've been to lots over the years (especially when working at IPC Media whose HQ used to be just up the road), and I think it was probably the biggest one so far, thanks to the announced guest of Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal who was in town for meetings with various media publishers including IPC who moving some of their sites to Drupal.

He answered various questions, mainly about the future of Drupal, from the 100+ crowd for about 45 minutes, including my own question about whether, now that his company Acquia has built the new website for President Obama, does he get protected by the secret service, and if so, were there plain-clothed agents in the room with us? Thankfully most people laughed, and his response was to simply say that he wasn't allowed to talk about it!

Neil Cameron who organised and hosted the meeting has also posted a summary with some great photos taken by Judy Li.