So, I did a pretty well-received short talk on my Mock The Week Facebook page (with over half a million fans now) and Mock The Week live stream Facebook application, entitled 'Facebook brand page virality and live streaming success' at the Facebook Developer Garage London's Future Of Web Apps London 2009 special event at the end of last month. At least, I think it went well as a number of people were keen to speak with me about various projects after the talks were all over.

And, I got taken into a room upstairs at the venue for a few mins to be interviewed by howtomakemyblog.com, which they blogged about and you can see as part of this video:

The 'slides' for my talk are here on Prezi - though may not make a huge amount of sense without me explaining:

Lesson learnt: talking to a room of 100+ interested people will inevitably make you somewhat popular and earn you a few drinks for the rest of the evening :-)



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