London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony final dress rehearsal tickets giveaway

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Places: London Olympic Park, London Olympic Stadium, Stratford

Entities: London 2012 Olympic Games

As you may well know, I'm a volunteer performer in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. I know about some of the content of the show (much more than has been publicly announced so far), and if I weren't in it, I'd love to be there watching it.

Opening scene of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - work has now started to install the set for the opening scene of the Ceremony, which is called ‘Green and Pleasant’. On entry to the Olympic Stadium in East London the audience will see a scene that represents a traditional and idyllic view of the British countryside.

As you would expect, tickets for the show are like gold-dust, and because of the pressure of the event on Friday July 27th, we are having three full dress rehearsals at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in the week leading up to it.

Each of us has been allocated two tickets to the dress rehearsal on 25th July. Obviously as I will be performing in it, I am free to give these tickets to friends and family. I obviously must not sell them.

This event is a rehearsal for the opening ceremony and as such, will not accurately reflect the final content of the show. To assist with the testing, the show may also involve regular pauses in performances.

Gates will open at 5pm and spectators will be required to leave at around 10.15pm, in time for public transport home.

If you'd like one of or both of the tickets, please apply using the form below. I have no preference to whom I will give them at the time of writing, so do your best to influence me! :-)

I will aim to make a decision by Monday 16th July, but if you need to know sooner than that, just let me know.

How others identify you

An e-mail address so I can contact you

The best telephone number to use to contact you if necessary

My memory is usually pretty good, but just in case...

Are you happy to come along on your own and sit next to whoever I give the other ticket to? Or do you need/want someone (special) to hold your hand? :-)

Tell me why I should give you the ticket(s). Set yourself apart from everyone else!

In case you need to know sooner than July 16th


Thank you

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