London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony final dress rehearsal tickets giveaway

Entities: London 2012 Olympic Games

Places: London Olympic Park, London Olympic Stadium, Stratford

Type: contest, form

As you may well know, I'm a volunteer performer in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. I know about some of the content of the show (much more than has been publicly announced so far), and if I weren't in it, I'd love to be there watching it.

Vote No to 'First' Past The Post (FPTP)

An ineffective electoral system whenever there is more than two candidates, with a highly misleading name.

Type: politics, UK election

Android application review: Quick Settings

I've devoted virtually an entire screen on my mobile desktop to core and third party widgets that allow me to quickly adjust phone settings, such as turning on wifi or turning off GPS. With this app though, I needn't have bothered. Quick Settings presents itself as a permanent ('Ongoing') selection in your Android drop-down notifications, and you can set it up to appear as a pop-up on top of whatever else you might be doing.

Type: review

Entities: Android, Quick Settings

My national and local voting experience, and who I voted for

So, today is the big day in politics - when the nation gets the opportunity to choose who which political party will govern the land for the next four or five years. Or do they?!

People: Andrew Osborne, George Galloway, Jim Fitzpatrick, Tim Archer

Places: Poplar and Limehouse, Tower Hamlets

Entities: Conservative party, English Democrats party, Labour party, Liberal Democrats party, Respect party

Type: failure, opinion, politics

Drupal Dries at Doggetts

Last week I went along to my first London Drupal pub meet (despite using Drupal well over a year now), which happened to take place at a pub on the Thames (Doggetts) that I've been to lots over the years (especially when working at IPC Media whose HQ used to be just up the road), and I think it was probably the biggest one so far, thanks to the announced guest of Dries Buytaert<

People: Dries Buytaert, Neil Cameron

Places: Doggetts Coat And Badge, London, Southwark

Entities: Drupal

Type: event

DaNGO diary - part 1

Entities: DaNGO, Drupal, Microsoft, PHP London, Windows Server

People: Will Coleman

Places: London, my home

Type: diary, video

My introduction to the Microsoft/Drupal project I'm working on.



So, I did a pretty well-received short talk on my Mock The Week Facebook page (with over half a million fans now) and Mock The Week live stream Facebook application, entitled 'Facebook brand page virality and live streaming success' at the Facebook Developer Garage London's Future Of Web Apps London 2009

People: Josh March

Places: Kings Cross, London, Wallacespace

Entities: Facebook, Facebook Developer Garage London (FDGL), Future Of Web Apps (FOWA),, Mock The Week

Type: event, interview, presentation

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